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JEst works in different fields, investing in its associates’ creativity and stimulating them in bringing in innovations.


Those who join JEst have the opportunity of testing their abilities and developing hard and soft skills


For those eager to get involved, JEst offers a wide options of educational courses, meeting with professionals, projects and simulations.


Areas and projects are numerous and different: everybody can try to prove themselves according to their attitudes.

Personal growth

People are our driver: we invest in personal, professional and cultural development of each associate.



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Are previous knowledge or skills required to join JEst?

In the Association, you’ll have the opportunity of developing numerous abilities through meetings, educational webinars or training on the job. No specific skills or knowledge are required, we just want to know your response to challenges!

How much time will I have to put in JEst?

No fixed time amount is required, it depends on the time you are willing to dedicate to the association and on your flexibility. The Project’s portfolio is really wide and differentiated basing on individual disponibility and growing desire.

What can JEst offer me?

JEst offers the opportunity to quicken your developing path by acquiring hard and soft skills, which will pose a competitive advantage in the workplace. People are our driver and we firmly believe that team working offers a top gear in reaching your target!

Di cosa si occupano le diverse aree?

Area Audit

L’area audit si occupa di monitorare la strategia attraverso la definizione di KPI, in modo tale da definire l’andamento di soci e progetti. Inoltre ha il compito di raccogliere e monitorare dati attraverso strumenti innovativi di business intelligence.

Area Legal

L’area Legal gestisce tutta la contrattualistica e la documentazione legale dell’associazione curando i rapporti giuridici con i soggetti esterni e fornendo consulenza interna.

Area HR

In area HR ci occupiamo di sostenere la crescita e lo sviluppo dei nostri associati, lo facciamo ideando, studiando, progettando ed implementando differenti processi ed attività come ad esempio il recruitment, la valutazione della crescita dell’associato, i team building e molto altro.

Area IT

L’area IT si occupa di mantenere ed implementare il sito di JEst. Fornisce anche servizi di creazione siti web e consulenza SEO e Analytics. Contemporaneamente fornisce supporto informatico all’associazione.

Area Sales

l’area sales si occupa dei rapporti con partner e clienti, gestendo campagne commerciali, trattative, newsletter e comunicati stampa.

Area Marketing

L’area marketing and communication si occupa di curare l’immagine promuovendo la brand awareness dell’associazione, tramite campagne marketing online ed offline per promuovere le attività e i progetti di JEst.

What if I would like to have more information?

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